Courses & Books

Practical Jetpack Compose

Take a practical approach to learn how to build Android Apps using Jetpack Compose. In this course book, you’ll cover a range of APIs from the Jetpack Compose framework to build 12 real-world projects. Once finished, you’ll have the skills needed to build beautiful and accessible User Interfaces, manage state and write automated tests using Jetpack Compose.

CI/CD for Android with GitHub Actions

When it comes to developing Android Apps, there’s so much more than building features. We need to think about the entire development process, from checking our code functions, to making it available to users on application stores. While we can manually handle all of these tasks, this puts extra responsibility on our developers, opens up room for error and doesn’t scale well as our team grows.

In this book, learn how we can use GitHub Actions to introduce Continuous Integration and Delivery into our Android projects. With its low effort and extensible API, we can create worksflows specific to the needs of our project, taking our development workflow to the next level.

Full Stack Kotlin Multiplatform

Build a Kotlin API along with an Android, iOS and Web App – all powered by Kotlin Multiplatform. Through this course we’ll teach you how to build a full production level application that utilises shared code to power each of its clients.

Jetpack Compose: Building across the Android Ecosystem

You’ve built Jetpack Compose applications for mobile phones, but what about the rest of the Android EcoSystem? In this book you’ll learn how to build apps for foldables, Chrome OS, Wear OS, Android TV and more – giving you the experience to build Android Applications that work across a range of devices and form factors.