Creating a Flutter project

In order to create a new Flutter project, you’ll want to begin by opening up IntelliJ IDEA.

Creating a new project

To create a new project we will need to select File from the menu and hit ‘New Project’. At this point, we will be presented with the new project dialog. At this point you will want to select Flutter for your project type:

Note: You may need to add your Flutter SDK path at this point also

Next you’ll need to go ahead and set the name and location for your project:

It’s important to note that Flutter project requires the use of a valid Dart package name, this is in the format of lower case letters only and underscores in place of spaces.

Once you’ve given your project a valid name and hit the ‘Finish’ button, your project will be created by the IDE. At this point you will be able to see the package structure for your application:

Do have a dig around the packages and files to see what the IDE has generated during project creation!

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