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Exploring App Actions on Android: What are App Actions?


At Google I/O 2018 we were introduced to App Actions, but it was only at I/O this year that we were given the ability to hook into this functionality within our own apps. In this first part of articles focused on App Actions I want to take a quick look into exactly what they are, how they work and what they can do for our apps. Throughout the following articles we will look deeper into these...

Chords, Conversations and the Kotlin Client Library


I recently launched a side-project I had been working on for the last several months, Chord Assist. Whilst this guitar is made up of many different moving parts, at the centre is the brain of the conversational tool. Whilst I made use of dialogflow to build this functionality, I needed to make use of some server-side component to handle the logic of the conversational tool that could not be...