Chord Assist: Building an accessible smart guitar for the mute, deaf and blind

In 2017 I created an Android Things project called BrailleBox — a Braille News Reader for the partially sighted. I’m really passionate about helping others and using the knowledge I have to do so, even if it means learning new things to help achieve that goal. This was the main driver for creating Braille Box, but I […]

Exploring Firebase UI on Android: Authentication

Firebase UI provides us with a collection of utilities that make it easier to implement common UI components within applications. Firebase authentication provides us a way for our users to validate their identity, without the need to implement all of the back-end work ourselves. hen compared to interacting with the authentication APIs directly, Firebase Authentication […]

Giving Voice to the Voiceless with Flutter

Outside of my working hours I have often spent time with other people involved in animal rights — be it volunteering for a local animal sanctuary, visiting shelters or planning with other animal rights groups. One thing I’ve noticed along this time is that the awareness of these groups has never been too accessible — I’ve only discovered them […]