Approaching Android with MVVM

Building an MVVM architectured application using the Data Binding Library The Data Binding library for android is something that I’ve been keen to check out for a short while. I decided to experiment with it using the Model-View-ViewModel architectural approach. To do this, I took a HackerNews Reader app that @matto1990 and I worked on together, re-implementing what I could using this approach. This article references a sample app to demonstrate the implementation of using an MVVM approach. To help with your understanding, I suggest you take a look at the repository for this sample app here. What is MVVM? Model-View-ViewModel is an architecural approach used to abstract the state and behaviour of a view, which allows us to separate the development of the UI from the business logic. This is accomplished by the introduction of a ViewModel, whos responsibility is to expose the data objects of a model and handle any of the applications logic involved in the display of a

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