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Exploring Android 12: Unified rich content API


With the announcement of the first Android 12 Developer Preview announced yesterday, I started to take a dive into some of the API changes and the new things we’ll be getting our hands on. One of these things was the new unified rich content API, providing a simplified way of transferring media between applications. You may have previously used Image Keyboard Support when using or...

Exploring Jetpack Compose: Padding Modifier


When it comes to the composition of composables, we may want to apply additional spacing to a composables size constraints. For this we can utilise Padding – padding adds this additional space to the specified sides of the composable, essentially making it larger in size. This area of padding cannot be consumed by the content inside of the composable, instead it merely acts as additional...

Digging into failed redirects within Android Webviews


  Header Photo by The Nigmatic on Unsplash Discovering the issue It was the 14th December and we were winding down ready for the Christmas break. Our code freeze had kicked in several days previously and we had shipped an update at that time to get a couple of priority bug fixes before the holidays. We are currently working on some bigger updates on our beta branch, so there hasn’t been any...