Exploring the new Android ConstraintLayout


Last week at Google I/O we saw the introduction of loads of great Android related news. Whilst I’d love to sit here and talk about everything that was announced, we’re going to take a quick look at the new and exciting ConstraintLayout for Android. To get a better understanding of the ConstraintLayout I took an existing project of mine (Bourbon) and manually converted the layouts to use the new...

Vineyard — Creating an Android TV Vine App


Everyone loves TV, I’m certain plenty of households watch hours and hours of live TV every week — it’s as if people are hooked. But is there any reason not to be? Content is always present when using your TV, you can flick between channels and there’s instant playback of media on your screen. Even if we switch to the menu to find something else to watch, you still consume the content of the...

Exploring Meaningful Motion on Android


At ribot we care about creating beautiful and meaningful experiences for people, in which motion plays a big part. After seeing an inspiring talk at Droidcon London, I decided to dig deep into motion on Android. From this, I’ve put together my findings to help make both Developers & Designers aware of just how easy it is to add beautiful motion to your Android applications. Animate! If you...