An introduction to UI Testing on iOS

I’ve always been a big fan of UI testing where appropriate, we can use it to automate the validation of visual components in our applications which allows us to reduce bugs, regressions and confusing behaviour within our applications — all helping us to save time from manually checking the behaviour and display of our view components.In this … Continue reading An introduction to UI Testing on iOS

Building HashTrack with Flutter: Authentication logic

If you haven’t check out the previous post in these series, then you can do so here: Building HashTrack with Flutter: Intro and setup Building HashTrack with Flutter: Main class and Localization setup You can also find the code for this guide here: Now that we have the foundations of our application built, we’re going … Continue reading Building HashTrack with Flutter: Authentication logic

Exploring Firebase Authentication on iOS

Firebase provides an extensive suite of tools that helps us to both make app development simpler and also provide us with some powerful features to analyse and improve the experience for our users. Within this suite we will find Firebase Authentication, which is a tool providing our users with the ability to sign-up and sign-in … Continue reading Exploring Firebase Authentication on iOS