Exploring Google Eddystone with the Proximity Beacon API

Google recently announced the release of their cross-platform BLE Beacon format. Here we look at what we can do with it and how to use this new API to manage our beacons. We recently saw the announcement of Google’s open beacon format, known as Eddystone. Released alongside this was the Proximity Beacon API, used to register and manage these beacons. Pairing this with the soon-to-be-released Nearby API – used by applications to interact with beacons – brings numerous possibilities for location experiences. I’ve had the chance to explore this API and its documentation. In this post I hope to give an insight into exactly what it is and how you can use it. To really understand how the API works, I decided to build a sample app, allowing me to really test the API’s functionality. Android users can find this on github here. So what‘s new? Previously, a beacon’s sole capability was to emit a signal to state its presence. Using the

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