Exploring Google Play Services: Place Picker & Autocomplete

The Place Picker Widget and Autocomplete component are two powerful features part of Google Play Services. Here we take a look at both of these componenets and how we can implement them in our applications. As of Play Services 7.0, Google have made some great features available for us to implement into our apps – two of which include the Place Picker UI widget and Autocomplete component. These can both help to greatly improve existing solutions within your applications, or even help you to implement such features into your app in the future. Either way, providing a native and clean solution to such commonly used features really help to boost the user experience provided by your application. Seeing as I haven’t had a chance to implement either of these since they’ve been released, I thought it was about time to take a look. Along with this blog post, I created a sample application to allow me to have a full

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