Exploring Dialogflow: Understanding Agent Interaction

Dialogflow is a powerful tool that allows us to create conversational tools without the complications of needing to handle natural language processing. But before we dive into the platform, it’s important to understand all of the different concepts that tie together to create the conversational agents that we can create. When I started exploring the… Continue reading

Widgets: Hero

The Hero widget allows us to define that two widgets are related, allowing the system to automatically perform transitional animations for us as we navigate between screens. This allows us to provide a greater experience when transporting users through navigational context, making our app both easier and more pleasant to use. As displayed in the… Continue reading

Widgets: Raised Button

The RaisedButton widget allows us to create a Button that matches the specification defined in the Material Guidelines here. The RaisedButton has a single constructor that allows us to instantiate the widget with a number of different properties. new RaisedButton( child: const Text(‘Connect with Twitter’), color: Theme.of(context).accentColor, elevation: 4.0, splashColor: Colors.blueGrey, onPressed: () { //… Continue reading