Migrating from the ClickableText composable to LinkAnnotation

As of Compose Foundation 1.7.0-alpha07, the ClickableText composable has been marked as deprecated, with plans for it to be removed come 1.8.0. ClickableText is often used to handle URLs within text – while the composable handles the click event, we are still required to manually provide styling attributes via annotated strings. To replace ClickableText, we… Continue reading

Exploring Lazy Staggered Grids in Jetpack Compose

In version 1.3.0 of Jetpack Compose we see the addition of two sought after composables, the LazyVerticalStaggeredGrid and LazyHorizontalStaggeredGrid. Both of these composables allow us to compose lists of content in a staggered fashion, allowing us to easily compose items that have a range of heights / widths while also supporting lazy composition. In this… Continue reading